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caviar-socialist propaganda from one end to the other. I cannot dig up all the figures etc.,

"Propaganda" means deliberate manipulation, spin, and use of lies. But you can't dig up any facts against it. I suggest you try.

The only "factoid" you present is a worn-out lie about "75% of them state that their ideal career is to become a civil servant." This canard was circulated by The Economist without actually citing its evidence. Then the number was supposed to be two-thirds, you've turned it into three-quarters. I challenge you to produce evidence of what you assert.

As for your experience, I too am self-employed (and far from comfortable, though of the '68 generation you vomit against). But you're apparently not just self-employed, you're an employer.  It's true there's too much complication and that repeated promises from the right in government to simplify things have never materialised. But you seem to have set up in business without enquiring into local conditions and taxes. The "tax" based on two years earlier income, for example, is social contributions (URSSAF). If I were in charge, that system would be simplified and lightened, since it often causes difficulties for small businesses in the first years. But why is it you knew nothing about it, why were you not prepared and did not make provision?  Did you work with an accountant, did you take advice, get forecast numbers you could work with? An accountant (my wife does this job with small businesses) would have told you you were going to get an easy year before the social contributions kicked in, and would have advised you to ring-fence money against that day. You seem to me like a number of people who come to France and set up in business without really examining the consequences (and yes, there is too much complication, I'll say it again), then get bitter when they learn what local conditions are.

No point, either, in exaggerating. Learn the code and you'll find you it's not true you can "never" fire people. Also there are businesses everywhere in France using short-term contracts, why don't you learn the rules? I also don't get your arithmetic when you say to pay $1 you have to pay $2. (Interestingly, you count in dollars. Did they tell you here it's euros?)

You are wrong to say Royal does not give a damn about small businesses, she has gone out of her way to say that she supports them and would significantly shift the mass of government subsidies to business from the top end to the bottom end. She repeated this again with emphasis during the debate. You must have missed that bit.

(By the way, I am the co-author with Jérôme of the above articles. I am neither a member of the Parti Socialiste, and I have never eaten caviar in my life. Jérôme has worked in Russia and so has probably eaten caviar, but he's not a PS member either. So tone your insults down, please.)

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