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You provide some balancing ... and probably admit that your presentation is not balanced either.

From my perspective, there is much the US could learn from France (Europe / EU) ... yet, there are changes that France could take in adopting lessons from the US.  

Job security is too uneven in the United States, with employees -- writ large -- not having enough basic protection. ("At will states" -- people can be fired, basically with no compensation, for zero substantive reason with no redress ... Not enough vacation ... no guaranteed health care ... etc ..) On the other hand, as per you discussion of Prudhomme, the system can be burdensome in protection in France (although, employer friends explain that, as long as you follow the rules -- which are clear -- it is not a problem to let people go).  And, well, the unemployment benefits in France (generally) seem incredibly over-generous and ...

But, a key item in this discussion, to me, is the importance of broadening our understanding and discussion of how to measure.  "Youth" unemployment in France is so much higher than in the US -- most Americans don't realize that a partial driver of this is that few French children (below 18 and in University) have part-time jobs compared to what happens in the United States.

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