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I'm on the side of the little honest guy who's taking responsibility for his own life and trying to make a decent living, not privileged civil servants or spoiled workers who can remain in protected positions with little or no risk while having all the benefits for themselves while denying them to others.

I'm not weeping for the "ultra-rich", and that is a gross misinterpretation of what I said. I'm weeping for the little guy who ends up paying the consequences of taxes like the wealth tax that the "ultra-rich" move away from while leaving the bill to the little guy and taking his job away.

So I got myself into the trouble I'm in? I followed advice from the ANPE and took a risk to earn my earn money instead of just sticking on to collecting money from the state for doing nothing. So does France need to break self-employed apart in order to work? What exactly is the trouble I got myself into? Please explain. What is clear is that if ever I find myself on the dole again and the system is still punishing initiative, I will remain on the dole collecting my rights instead of taking any risks. What is the interest of France punishing risk takes?

You're certainly the confused one if you are defending this merciless brutal system that is destroying family after family in order not to offend socialist dogmas. Have a look at real people around you instead of your statistics. Paper is so nice to conceal human misery.

The state and notably socialist hardliners force me to waste a lot of time for basic survival that the privileged parts of France, including caviar socialists, take for granted - such as heating in winter. I will not stop shouting about these crying social injustices until something is done about them. People like you are protecting only the interest of those already protected, while you don't seem to give a damn about the social disasters caused by the "social model".

Of us two, I am the one defending the most vulnerable, while you want to protect middle-class privileges. What is actually most socialist? The French version of socialism today is nothing more than a joke. It has nothing to do with socialism, really.

by skovgaard on Sun May 6th, 2007 at 09:14:39 AM EST
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