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I am not sure how Jerome came upon this article, but for the first time I find it difficult to believe something Jerome wrote. [Note, I am not really questioning you Jerome] I just can't believe that this was sent anonymously. it just reads like a right-wing hit piece. Seriously, I'm having a difficult time believing it, though I know Jerome wouldn't post it unless it was legit.

Here's a fact that completely undercuts this fellows story: My younger brother worked in the World Trade Center. After the bombing in '93, I've had to listen to my Mom go on for a almost a decade about her fear of his working there. Why? Because my brother idiotically once pointed out to her that everyone he works/worked with in the WTC fully expected to get hit again. They knew they were target #1, and working there was an act of denial. These are smart people, they can put two and two together. They were fully aware why the building was targeted, who was targeting them, and what the geopolitics were. It's perhaps ironic that this poster should note that a group of Israelis were questioned the morning of 9/11 for celebrating the destruction of the WTC. What were they celebrating? Why, the fact that Americans now were witness to the sort of treachery, violence, and terror that has become so normal to Israelis. I truly believe the Israeli reaction makes sense, in a twisted way, of course, but only because the Israelis readly understood the geopolitical situation that led to the bombing.

This guy just had his head in the sand. I can't understand wh he had this hate of Clinton that colored everything he wrote.

by Upstate NY on Thu Jun 21st, 2007 at 11:15:27 PM EST

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