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"So we knew that there were more intended flights to be used by these terrorists."
Ya, you KNEW all of this hours after the towers fell, what from watching the "what to think TV networks?

"We have been engaged in a war with a fascist form of Islam for decades."
Oh really.  Before 911 radical Islam had zero effect on the vast majority of Americans.  The muslims were doing fine until our CIA had to step in and mess things up.(Afghanistan and Mossadegh)

"I am one of those people who are naturally curious and are always thirsting for more knowledge and for answers."
Ya but you are not curious about the volumes of contradicting evidence about 911 and the decent of the United States into outright Nazism during the five years after 911.

Hey, even our grandmothers know!

Like I said, Europe gets a pass on this one.  This piece reads like a bad Popular Mechanics hit piece with the author pontificating the usual right wing ASSumptions like they were Gospel truth.

"For those that criticize the Bush administration for usurping the Constitution and our laws with their efforts to secure this country I would say, "Prove it" because other than hyperbole and insinuations thee has been no credible evidence of so-called "lying."

Yes and now even Jay Severin, the heir apparent to the throne of Sean Hannity or Bill ORielly is smart enough(or been paid enough) to call for his impeachment.

I would close now with one of Henry Kissinger's best New World Order quotes but all of that stuff is still on the hard drive the NSA fried on me.

by Lasthorseman on Sun Jun 17th, 2007 at 05:13:59 PM EST

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