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I agree that Islamic Fundamentalism did not appear out of thin air. However I would want to be specific. There is nothing wrong with Islamic Fundamentalism or fundamantalist principles in any religion. The following of a religion based on a very orthodox tenets is acceptable and should not interfere with the rights of other people.

This perverse form of Islam that we all connect with "terror" crosses beyond religious boundaries and into political power. It has been called fascism derived out of religion (Islam) or just a radical form of Islam.

I would agree that the growth of this movement began in the early 20th century and not in 2001.

I have not studied the Crusades in quite some time but it would be a worthwhile study in comparisons, although I would imagine it would upset certain groups.

But what drives it? There are underlying issues that have been there for many decades and were, and still are not, addressed.

To be blunt, we (Europe and the US) took Arabs for granted for too many years. We supported whomever were their leaders primarily for reason of oil. But we never sought to develop that part of the world and bring greater prosperity and opportunity to its people as we did in other parts of the world. In the absence of alternatives, these people turned to these local radical mosques who promised them basic necessities, provide them with people to blame (USA, Europe and Jews), and taught their children this radical form of Islam.

The solution to this requires more than bullets, spies, border security, and prisons. The full answer is much more complex and I have yet to hear any of the candidates articulate it.

by Private on Tue Jun 19th, 2007 at 08:43:52 PM EST
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