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There is usually some part of France where the results are not explicable without knowing who is knifing who in the back, making off with other candidates spouses, or failing to keep up with payoffs. Or even being outstanding local represenatives who cannot be touched.

So what is the story in:

81 Tarn 3rd where both second round candidates are listed as 'diverse', no UMP in the first round, and an unambiguous national party left representation in round 2 denied because the Left Radical and 'diverse left' candidates split their possible support almost evenly in the first round, thus eliminating each other? Which way will Phillpe Foillot jump in the Assembly?

Up in 85 Vendee are we still seeing the memory of the Chouaines in the results of the 4th and 5th? (Both wins for the MPF who do they bed down with?)

Exactly what is the point of party difference that saw a dissident Communist candidate top the first round poll in 80 Somme 1st and then go on to victory?

What was the cocktail in 67 bas-Rhin 1st that saw it the only non-UDF seat in that department (by 527 votes) , after a first round featuring a dead heat between the two ballotage candidates, and a strong dissident-UMP candidate eliminated?

Down in old Pied-Noir country, 13 Bouches-du-Rhone 15th sees a dissident UMP dead-heat the official UMP in the first round, then take the seat in the second, the runner-up scoring about the same in each round. Something entertaining here? What to expect of victorious Bernard Reynes?

And while we are about it, quite a fight in the  second round in 13 B-d-R 3rd, victory for the UMP by 248 votes after leading by 3000 in the first round)
Another squeaker 13 B-d-R 8th, UMP win by 94 votes after leading by 3000 in the first.

No doubt many others I have missed...    

by saugatojas on Mon Jun 18th, 2007 at 11:38:42 AM EST

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