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One of the most unsettling aspect for me by the victory of Sarkozy was the feeling of seeing  redux of the Berlusconi and Bush victory, at least in the media game and the reaction of the electorate, left and right.

But the defeat of the hyped TV-VIP, Klarsfeld and the TF-Lawyer opposed to DSK is a comforting break with the election in Italy of countless hot Mediaset assets.

I wonder if it is due to the different elections rules (direct against list), or if the French are more resistant to the fascination of TV democracy.
Or if Frenche and Italian are the same, and Berlusconi was simply wrong and his mediatisation was a negative masked by the dynamic of his party.

La répartie est dans l'escalier. Elle revient de suite.

by lacordaire on Sun Jun 17th, 2007 at 07:37:18 PM EST
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