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A significant amount of waste at the BBC is from the contractural agreements with 'talent'. Lead actors and actresses in hit drama or comedy series are known to have on year contracts without any further contractural commitment beyond the year. When the show is a hit-they negotiate new contracts but not necessarily multi year contracts with automatic escalator clauses. Someone like Robert Lindsay of the hit series 'My Family' has had 6 or 7 one year agreements with the BBC. Then again; who can moan about the actors making as much as they can. If the savings would be going into the development of good young writers, directors, producers; I would be all for efficient and fair contracts.

The first class travel arrangements of the BBC has been a holdover from its very creation and is a cosmetic way in which the BBC distinguishes itself as the most influential media in the world. On the whole; even with the waste; the BBC ethos is still to get the story which is no longer the priority of any other commercial international or American broadcaster.

The world would be a far more naive and ignorant place without the BBC.

by An American in London on Mon Jun 4th, 2007 at 08:34:36 AM EST

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