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Honestly, I can't answer that question.  I got in during the middle of the interview.  I'll try to do some research and let you know.   It was a discussion of the extraordinary rendition program.  

Interestingly, the interview just before that one was of Tony L. The former military interrogator that you wrote about day before yesterday, I believe.  He sounded very self-righteous to me in discussing his coauthored book on torture in Iraq.  He claimed to have reported his involvement in torturing prisoners several times to military authorities (CID twice) and they took no action.  I suppose I believe him on that one.  He finally got the US Navy to begin an investigation but only 2 years after his first report.  An Iraq veteran called in and asked if he had seen any cases of torture attributed to the insurgency as he (the caller) had seen during rescues of Iraqi civilians from insurgents.  Tony replied that he had seen cases where persons had obviously been tortued, but rather than say they could have been victims of the insurgency, he instead said they were just as likely victims of torture by the US Marines. He didn't explain his reason for making that statement and there was no followup.

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