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Very good discussion, thank you.  Aprreciate your 2002 piece, you were (are) right on so much.

Much that resonates with me here.

The change that we are (hopefully) seeing is a growing consensus that 'something' must be done.

The most fruitful 'bipartisan' discussion, for me, in the US was the Kerry / Gingrich "debate" earlier this year.  The 'debate' was absolutely not about whether Global Warming is real, whether it matters, or even whether urgent action is required. The debate was over how best to tackle the challenged. (Gingrich in an idealized 'leave it all to business ... give incentives and they will come', along with idealized vision of new technology coming to the rescue. Kerry was more holistic.)

And, perhaps, the value of the pledge was as a starting point -- along with building of an ever larger e-mail list.

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Thanks for this validation, especially from someone so involved in this issue.

The Kerry-Gingrich debate may have been helpful in clarifying methods, but the solution is of course not an either/or matter.  Government, corporations and the marketplace (if we can define it as the place where innovative producers and conscientious consumers find each other) along with citizen involvement in various ways, are all parts of addressing the climate crisis.

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