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none of the pics are mine (all nicked from the intra net and the press releases.

my press link shows some faq with regard to the platform.

Q34. Why has Beatrice been chosen as an appropriate location for the Demonstrator?
A34. The Beatrice oilfield is approaching the end of its lifespan.  The Demonstrator Project has the potential to test technology, utilise the power generated to run the Beatrice platforms while at the same time displacing the power supplied by the national grid. It could ultimately
lead to a reuse opportunity for the Beatrice infrastructure. The Moray Firth offers weather conditions that are close to ideal for an offshore wind farm.

Q35. What are the long term plans after five years?
A35. The two Demonstrator turbines will displace power supplied to the Beatrice platform from the national grid for the duration of the Demonstrator Project or the commercial life of Beatrice, whichever is the longer. After this time the turbines would either be decommissioned with the Beatrice platform or incorporated into a commercial development as described below.
Q36. How many units make up a commercial deepwater wind farm? What area would this cover and what would be the size of the machines?
A36. The simple fact is we don't know at this stage and that this is the very essence of the Demonstrator learning process. A two turbine Demonstrator Project is clearly not a commercial wind farm but will help us determine what one might constitute.
The commerciality of a larger wind farm will be determined by many factors such as turbine size and fabrication and tie-in costs. Depending on what we learn from operating the Demonstrator, we may be able to define what will constitute a commercial wind farm.
Q37. Will the turbines be removed at the end of five years?
A37. While the turbines are prototype machines, assuming they are still operational at the end of the Demonstrator Project they will form part of the oilfield infrastructure and remain there until the field is decommissioned. If the Demonstrator proves successful the turbines
could remain in situ and form part of a commercial wind farm development.

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