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I'm curious what is Derber's take on the US Left, such as it exists. I mean, he clearly "gets it" when it comes to where the power is, but imho part of how that power got so entrenched in the US is that the only viable political vehicle for the left, the Democratic Party, has been bought and paid for, and continues to be bought and paid for, by corporate money.

The power structure is given bi-partisan support, you see this, for instance, even today when the US Left is supposedly in full hue and cry against the depradations of the fascists in the White House, when Senator Schumer goes to bat for the Hedge Fund and Private Equity industries to ensure the tax bill of his wealthy donors...er...constituents doesn't go up.

Schumer is a Democrat, right? Actually a very powerful one - he basically controls who gets to be Democratic candidate to US Senate. And the Democrats are the sole practical representative of the US Left. And yet, and yet, the Democrats, where it counts, are funded by the same corporate power structure as the Republicans.

Not sure how you shift the goalposts when the netminder on your putative side is busy pushing back against your shift, wonder what Derber's take is on this - you hint at it with the '64 Goldwater reference of course, but the '64 Goldwater crew had one thing going for them that the left almost never does: money, lots of it.

Guess I'm going to have to buy the book.

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