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I'm curious what is Derber's take on the US Left, such as it exists. I mean, he clearly "gets it" when it comes to where the power is, but imho part of how that power got so entrenched in the US is that the only viable political vehicle for the left, the Democratic Party, has been bought and paid for, and continues to be bought and paid for, by corporate money.

Derber has chosen to ally himself with the Democratic Party loyalists who have chosen to "reform the Democratic Party from within" rather than form a new party.

It's true that this strategy looks more and more like a failure each year, and that its "efforts" form a trajectory that goes from the McGovern nomination in '72 to Kucinich's 4% showing in 2004.  But with Derber's theory this is mere evidence of the persistence of the current regime.

Derber thinks there are "cracks" in the existing political and economic structures that will make for regime change.  The next regime, however, could be worse than the current one...

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by Cassiodorus on Wed Jul 25th, 2007 at 02:06:03 PM EST
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