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i went to 'good' prep and public boarding schools in s. england and was 'asked to leave' from both, early...

so at 16 i went to a crammer, asked to leave from that, had a private tutor, who was an eccentric genius, but we had too much fun to pass a-levels, so i went to another day-crammer and got 3 a-levels, in english, german and french.

happily shook off academics as a waste of time, and launched off into the experiential, hitching around morocco for 6 months, coming back to london, earning a bit of money doing shit jobs, then bailed to india overland, through yugoslavia, bulgaria, greece, turkey, iran, afghanistan down to tamil nadu, where i studied yoga at an ashram.

got tired of being asked to give pseudo-adulation to a conman, so took off walking and hitching round s. india for three more months.

went back to england, found no avenues open, so got a job working in vineyards, raised the money to go the states, worked shit jobs there, and in my late thirties went to massage school, obtained my state license with a 100% exam score, and went on to further studies in thai massage in bangkok, craniosacral in switzerland and california, and various other healing disciplines here and there.

by then i had regained the joy in owning an intellect, and had discovered public television in the usa, opening a passion for public affairs and history/politics which has never left, leading me here!

i studied choir music in summer school, and had the privilege of singing with big choirs at salisbury and st albans, which had a bigger effect on me than i realised at the time, exposing me to extraordinary acoustics and mystical architecture.

i studied one term's piano when i was 9, which also had a much deeper effect than i realised.

swept up in the brilliant musical waves that rolled across england during my teen years, i got into folk and blues guitar, and performed at little clubs in london like the troubadour, in earl's court.

got into songwriting while in the usa, and this has become my main avenue of self-expression, along with instrumental piano pieces.

now i'm studying organic farming and land management.

have been a voracious reader since the age of 4, had a psychic orgasm when the whole earth catalogue came out, and love learning about almost anything my mind can grasp.

so i know very little indeed about quite a lot of things, and would adore a university environment at this point in my life, if i could decide what to study there...

architecture, ceramics, computer music recording, music composition, electronics, amp modding, solar plumbing?


to be as much of a 'sodding polymath' (lol!) as i can be!

i always liked hanging out with folks smarter than me, and i sure lucked out here at ET!!

i guess you all must need a token dropout to give the views of a brain untramelled from too much academia...

helen,  i love your diaries!

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Tue Jul 31st, 2007 at 01:07:29 AM EST

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