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Was at a presentation by an eminent Historian talking about local history who produced  a pile of documents perporting to be the history of said nursery rhyme. the story she presented was that it was the story of an argument at a hose next door to a local pub. the landlady of the pub was asked to put the kettle on to calm the argument down however before the kettle had boiled the husband had killed the wife, and so the landlady asked one of her members of staff to take the kettle off as the wife was dead and it was all too late.  She showed how local documentation could illustrate details of local history in unexpected ways, the other part of the lecture  showed that the towns royal hotel, had never had queen Victoria stay there, and that Charles Dickens had hidden several miles away when he visited to cover a local election because the local kids were all robbers and the women were all prostitutes. So all of the good Burghers of the town who were present were less than impressed.

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