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Great diary, ManfromMiddletown. The responses are excellent, reflections of the contributors.

Since I'm new, here, I thought it might be an occasion for me to introduce myself.

Lasthorseman, melo and Helen's remarks had me nodding in agreement, in particular.

Like Lasthorseman I grew up in the US [California, as for me] but have spent most of my adult life in France. Shortly after graduating from U of Ca, San Diego, I was invited to collaborate on a design project in Strasbourg ... and, well, I simply never returned to the US. It isn't as though at any point I actually made a decision to stay, I was just too excited by France, learning French [ie, a whole new way of thinking] and discovering Europe, to give the idea of return much thought. The delight continues as ever.

As for education, after some hesitation, I settled on a 'special studies' program combining studio art and pre-medical science, which ended in a BA.

I've been working in publication and mutimedia, for years, now, with some success and renown, but am wondering, presently, how/when I'm going to end the enslavement to digital equipment ...

That aside, the first real and most formative education I received came from spending much of my childhood on me Pater's sailboat. Living on a boat, you learn how to do with a minimum, and that's a lesson that endures. Sailing and boating provide serious problem-solving challenges which, applied more broadly, could ultimately amount to golden advice to the land-locked of this energy-challenged age [cf, DeAnderer].

Cheers, all

by Loefing on Tue Jul 31st, 2007 at 04:09:01 PM EST
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by Loefing on Tue Jul 31st, 2007 at 04:12:46 PM EST
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