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Oh god not this again.

The relationship between the landowners and land laborers was more than complex in Spain during the 1920s and 1930s.

Yes, there was land seizures and 'forced' collectivization.  Mostly it was land taken from absentee landlords and given to the people who worked on it.  It was "collectivizied" but they worked it as they always had under the direction of an elected body generally based on anarcho-syndicalist lines.  That was what the FAI/CNT were all about, after all.  Effectively what happened is the landlords were replaced by a local board.

Yes, it meant the large landlords went over to Franco in a body.

Yes, it may have been a mistake but on the other hand there was widespread dissatisfaction, hunger, and it was maintained - at the time - the landlords were letting the land lie fallow because they couldn't make the estates pay.  

Ultimately the problem was ownership of the land was concentrated in too few hands relative to the number of people whose existence depended on access to that land.  

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