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Homage to Catalonia is a classic 'take' by a master of English prose and is worth reading.  If you can find a copy The Spanish Collectives by Sam Dolgoff will give the FAI/CNT view.  I'll have to roust through my library and see what else is there.  I don't know what the standard Marxist and Fascist texts are & I really don't care.  

I would be very surprised if the "Spanish Revolution" as it is called in English had been peaceful and non-coercive in the countryside as the Anarchist propaganda depicts

Hum.  How can I put this?

From what I've heard, directly from FAI/CNT people who were there at the time ... you don't have to be surprised.  Neither was it the bloodbath depicted by all Right Thinking people either.  From what I've been able to gather the local history of interaction(s) between the landlord(s) and the general populace of an area counted far more than ideological/political position.

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