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OK.  I'm not going to disparage anyone here, for sure not the width of your laptop screen, nor the voluptousnessigkeit of of anyone's dual dual drives.  I won't even comment on people's birth signs, because, well, we all can't be born horse mix-breeds with on target arrows.

But this is grin ridiculous.  I came to ET to find intelligent discussion based on the left, i.e. humane, side of the spectrum.  Why should i be forced to squint my eyes way off to the right of the screen to discern the topical mode of the astrologers in residence?

Let's all move the comments just a bit over to the left side of the screen, or at least we could limit our long, ponderous, even deciduous comments to a fraction of the space necessary to... i mean, if you have to post on the right, why not limit your comments to just one word.

In fact, right now i'm thinking of a word which best describes this comment.  And that word encompasses the history of drinking in Russia, where the daily gruel of the peasants was turned into the elixir of making peasant life pleasant life... Wodka!  I don't know what sign wodka was born under, but it probably wasn't one of the Twelve.  Hey, did you hear the one about Lenin's trippple distilled Tomb?

As long as we're this far out on the right side of the screen, did anyone see the conservative think tank blog which made the case that amurka should nuke Iraq and repopulate it with amurkans, like Ceasar did with France, and then Bush should emulate Ceasar and bring stability by ending the unworkable democracy and setting himself up as long-term Regent?  You've probably noticed that i didn't link to the blog, because i'm concerned for the mental health of the ET community, but it exists, and you can get there from Crooks and Liars.

As a lurker, perhaps i've overstepped my bounds treading so far on the right side of this Tribune, but i really did wish to understand the limits of the software, wondering just how far to the right this blog can be pushed.  But now that i think of it, that strikes me as a non-productivist idea, leaving me wishing i'd thought of a great one word comment for the right side of the screen.


(The preceeding was an official test of software limits, and should not be disguised or interpreted as reflecting the views of of the aformentioned commenter, whose system may well have been hijacked by russian hackers, and should not be deemed of any major importance in the context of global economic meltdown.)

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anas Nin

by Crazy Horse on Mon Aug 20th, 2007 at 06:26:44 PM EST
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