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A few years ago I was to "Dance of Lords" show and had to leave it, my ears hurt, despite me being able to turn the noise down with my hearing aids, I felt like I have to throw up. There were other people complaining about indigestion without realising that it was the noise level that caused it. The moment they were outside their discomfort passed.

I don't know what concerts have to be so loud to day, and not only rock concerts. I am avoiding going to concerts because they are just to loud.

by Fran on Fri Aug 24th, 2007 at 02:01:55 PM EST
I spent 15 minutes in a rock concert today. After that I had to leave, as the volume was horribly high. I've never experienced that kind of volume level in any concerts I've been to (no, not even in Roskilde Festival or stadion concerts). And I was surprised to notice that no-one wore earplugs. Not even the little kids. Perhaps Dutch people already have hearing loss so they don't have to turn down the volume anymore?

Anyway, now my ears feel stuffy, and I'm kicking myself for staying there those 15 minutes. I already have tinnitus in one ear and I do not need it to get louder.

You have a normal feeling for a moment, then it passes. --More--

by tzt (tzt) on Sat Aug 25th, 2007 at 03:21:14 PM EST
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