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Indeed. A few miscellaneous points that I find interesting:

  • Nine out of nine of China's central governing committee are trained engineers.

  • The points that follow are substantially culture-specific in their application.

  • Manufacturing has a low status, even among fields of engineering.

  • Exalting science over engineering tends the top intellects into science, which in turn gives reason to exalt science over engineering...

  • The broad broad (but shallow) perspective on physical phenomena fostered by engineering tends to give engineers a good appreciation of science, but the deep (but narrow) perspective fostered by science tends to give scientists a poor appreciation of engineering. Note that "deep but narrow" somehow sounds superior (to my culture-tuned ear, at least) to "broad but shallow". Engineering knowledge can be deep, too, but it is of a different kind.

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by technopolitical on Tue Aug 7th, 2007 at 05:11:18 PM EST
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