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Here's the deal on engineering.

At one time, the finest engineering schools on earth were found at the land-grant universities like Perdue, Michigan State, Nebraska (agronomy).  These schools were responsible for many Fortune 500 companies--I cannot even imagine 3M without the chemical engineering department at the University of Minnesota.  The UM medical school spawned Medtronics, and about 50 other major players in medical equipment biz.  In one of the late Apollo flights, the entire crew was from Michigan.  You want to learn how to drill for oil, go to Texas or Oklahoma.  ETC.

While it is probably no longer possible to get an engineering education like they did in the 30s to 70s, I am certain that there are still schools that will do the job.  The biggest difference is that you better have a fault-tolerant ear for those who learned English in schools.  Just remember, these guys got their jobs because they learned math in countries like India that actually teach math to their children.  They are genuinely baffled by folks who cannot do math.

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