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"Hero worship of the worst kind."

I honestly have no idea what are you talking about other than complaining? If you review past Presidents with their popularity there will be a corrolation of how good or bad we are viewed. What does that have to do with hero worship?

"Bush was pretty explicite."

First of all he was not that explicit about anything - ever. Second my comment had to do with the ability to communicate and persuade people. Bush has never had the ability to communicate effectively to anyone (except maybe you).

"that it will grow into something other than dissension and that whatever it grows into will be effective in making a real change in the system."

This is a remake of the '60s. The minute the U.S. cut out of Vietnam the so called "movement" vanished into thin air.

First how do you define "the system?" And then what do you consider "real change in the system?"

"Similar comments about the insipid freedom of speech concepts - they sound so much like the Bushite line about how they hate us for...etc."

To quote one of the cavemen in the GEICO commercial, "What?"

by BJ Lange (langebj@gmail.com) on Tue Aug 7th, 2007 at 08:22:59 PM EST
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