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Who is this delirium aimed at?  

This question is key in considering a response.  

But first, consider how bogus this all is:  The real, inside dope from a defector spy!  Listen up!  And if he is telling you to obey your leaders like sheep . . . you should smell a fish--if appearing in the WSJ weren't warning enough.  But who IS this guy?  Does he even exist?  Or is he, maybe, the creation of an ad copy-writer's imagination?  

So who is it aimed at?  

Well, firstly, people who will buy the whole Cold War thing.  With Putin resisting the US claim to ownership of the world's remaining oil, will you buy the New Cold War?  With the Iraq war gone bad, the US desperately needs a new war--preferably one it hasn't lost yet.  Iran is out--the Army and Navy have as much as refused it.  But a New Cold War against the Russians might fill the bill.  Plenty of cost-plus contracts for new weapons systems, the Air-Force is happy, plenty of thrills (and fear) but no real action--at least for a while.  

Who better to kick off the New Cold War than a player in the old one--a defector spy!  

Why did people fall for the old Cold War?  Answer that  and you know who will fall for the New one.  

The essential problem is the US needs war the way a junkie needs dope.  Without war, reality begins to set in, and that is very, very bad.  

(The unfolding implosion of the US economy--promising to include the best features of the Great Depression and the Wiemar hyper-inflation--just adds to the urgency.)  

Reality setting in.  Almost unthinkable.  Desperation is only beginning.  

The Fates are kind.

by Gaianne on Tue Aug 7th, 2007 at 11:02:36 PM EST
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