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Yep. I think fully electric (or plug-in) vehicle are likely, because, as you say, most of journeys are

There's a calculation which is seldom made :
only 3% of the solar energy is converted to chemical potential energy in a plant and then 2/3 of this energy is spilled in conventional motors so that a biofuel + heat engine line has a yield of 1% (and I'm considering that no energy has been necessary to obtain biofuel).

Solar panel convert 15% of the solar energy into electricity. 1/3 is lost when using batteries. Since the yield of an electrical motor is around 90%, then 9% of the solar energy is converted into movement. Ok, a lot of energy is required to make the solar panels (4 years of their production is necessary to fabricate the next panel).

So... I don't believe in conventional motors. Nowhere except for long journeys - because of the energetic density of fuel.

by Renard (scio at free point fr) on Thu Sep 13th, 2007 at 11:26:33 AM EST
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