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Venizelos is an excellent choice if only for his unbeatable communication skills. He can do no worse than George who's all smoke and no fire.

You failed to mention that the ND majority was achieved thru another 'cut to measure' electoral law that robs others of seats.

IMO opinion, anything below 45% should not give any party absolute control.

Glad KKE and the other Leftists did well. Say what you may of the old school communists but at least they are true to their beliefs, fighting more for worker's rights (currently under attack) than an ideological battle.

Not so alarmed with the Fascist %. The best way to beat them is to know who they are. They will rise and fall because now, they won't be able to hide and fool people.

by Euroliberal on Mon Sep 17th, 2007 at 08:49:33 AM EST
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