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I think there are quite a number of elements to this. Personally I am not interested if there is guilt on Kerry's part or not, or the guy in the suit (that I had not noticed, when I watched the video), or that that guy has a history of pranks (which sounds like a lame excuse), but your, rg, statement of "not again".

We should not allow this in our midst, the least that should have happened was that people had drawn great attention to the brutality of the incarceration - I think, it does not really matter, that a taser was being used, that is just the latest form of sanctioned police brutality.

Rather than pointing their cameras (there are multiple video's I believe) a non violent interference would have been more appropriate.

So, hopefully people will be less stunned next time and are courageous enough to show solidarity.

- side note: I heard the clapping as well and understood this to be a reaction to his question, meaning, what kind of answer do you expect to your question, one that could satisfy you? Never! Get that troll out.
The switch from being relieved he wasn't holding up more serious questions (if there were any?) to showing solidarity didn't work.

by PeWi on Thu Sep 20th, 2007 at 07:55:22 AM EST

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