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I agree that non-violent interference would and should have been the de-escalator.  I have to say, though, that all the kids shooting this on their phones and then putting it on the web have done us a service.  There's a link at the beginning of the diary to another tasering incident, but as there's no video evidence, it all breaks down into "he said/she said."

Which makes me wonder now whether the next stage will be: "No phones in the hall"--the way they take your camera if you're taking pictures near a military establishment.  I don't know anything about these phones, but are some capable of real-time imaging?  I mean, you don't have to save the film and then transmit, but you can leave the line open and film and send in real-time.

I think A Swedish Kind of Death is far ahead of me on this (but hey, I only got my computer on Friday and I still haven't moved over to kubuntu [if it works, I'll diary how I did it]); the impact technology is having on the wily young, how the networks--and this is happening at ET--are not only "words on a screen" but also social contacts, an interflowing, where people (I'm thinking US students here) can watch the videos (a solitary pursuit), and then they'll be onto their contacts, both physical and networked (from friends in other towns to friends they just ain't met yet--nomad!), but...

...but as there will be physical confrontations, and as there will be attempts at illegal action by those who are paid to uphold the law (taking advantage of the individual's lack of knowledge of their rights)...

I'm gonnae have to look into the UK Pirate Party.  But first I'm gonnae need to get a tad more tech. savvy, get down with the young folks.

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