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I advocate local "Community Partnerships" configured around what are essentially local community transaction and title registries, with local value circulating locally backed by pools of value and with credit backed by a mutual guarantee.

I can sense that tying in with your local govt. dealings.  Local govt. and its relationship to community projects, that kind of thing?

I know LLPs can come in all sizes bar one (or two?), but do you invisage an ideal size...I mean to have enough assets and activities to generate a daily flow of credits?

I'm wondering if you'd need a daily flow of credits for those "outside" to be able to step inside.  Say I decide that it might be worth cleaning up some mucky by way--I could go to the council (or whoever) and offer to just do the work: they could offer me credits which would have value in a steady-working (daily movement) system, but not so much in a system that stays more or less unmoved from month to month (the house example.)

If there is an ideal size, what kind of group size would need to buy in do you think?

How about--and I know we're a nebulous group in some ways, but I cannae help but think we'd make a good example--the ET LLP?  There is/are the server(s) to maintain; there's bandwidth to pay for; and I certainly need to be kept in the lap of luxury for typing [reads contract] two short but witty and one long but rambling comment per day, plus minimum 2 video selections...

We already have "assets" (and you said the first asset would be the indivdual and their capacities); we have daily activity.

I'm missing something(s) I'm sure I yam.

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