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The only controversial part, to me, might be this part:

But Catalonia has caused a significant uproar with its closed-minded policy of not including the many Catalans who write in Spanish in its definition of Catalan literature.

I could see it both ways. When I think of Finnish literature, I would most definitely include authors such as Zacharias Topelius or Johan Ludvig Runeberg or modern-day authors such as Tove Jansson or Bo Carpelan - but a few of many Finnish authors who write/wrote in Swedish. On the other hand, if I were thinking specifically of Finland-Swedish literature, it would strike me as counter-intuitive to include authors who doesn't write in Swedish, whether the author happens to be Finland-Swedish or not. Of course, Finland-Swedish literature would then be a strict subset of Finnish literature, and "Finnish literature in Finnish" would be another.
Okay, I'm sure I have a point in here somewhere, I just can't find it at the moment...

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