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my sole role this week on ET is to point out that I agree 100% with what just has been said.

There are racists in Europe. Plenty of them. Addressing them as well as addressing the problems which feed into racism is, IMHO, one of the most critical points for the left, especially if Europe as a whole wants to focus on environmentalism and upholding a social model to the rest of the world.

Because, how oddly, it appears to me that a slew of the xenophobic parties pander closely to the neo-liberal "Business Über Alles" lobby.

If Europe can't address the immigration issue and the socio-demographic impact that has been steadily building up throughout Europe the past decades, the left looks doomed to me.

Hence I still carry a modicum of respect for Frits Bolkenstein - he was the one in the Netherlands (in a pro-Pim Fortuyn age) who dared to speak out about the approaching problems. The left lambasted him for his proposed solutions, but did fairly nothing to address the underlying issues.

by Nomad on Wed Oct 10th, 2007 at 08:06:06 AM EST
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