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US Supreme Court Denies El-Masri Appeal on CIA Rendition | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 09.10.2007
The United States Supreme Court refused to review the case of a German man who alleges he was kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured by the CIA.

The US high court did not give an explanation for its decision on Tuesday, Oct. 9, to refuse the appeal of Khaled el-Masri, a Lebanese-born German. US administration officials had called on the court to reject the case on national security grounds, arguing a public trial would reveal state secrets.


"We are very disappointed," el-Masri's German lawyer Manfred Gnjidic said of the decision, according to the Associated Press. "This is going to completely shake all confidence in the American justice system."

by Fran on Tue Oct 9th, 2007 at 11:40:23 PM EST
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Very depressing to wonder: Does a state's security always stands above an individual?

The problem here seems that the priority of the state is now enshrined in law and the Supreme Court sticks to the law... And because this is a funny foreigner suing the state of another nation, he can't appeal to the USA Constitution...?

So we return to the problem of the executive branch...and international crime...

by Nomad on Wed Oct 10th, 2007 at 08:33:10 AM EST
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The states secrets privilege is one of the scariest instruments the U.S. government wields.

And though it is politically much easier to get away with using it against non-U.S. citizens, it can and has been used just as easily against U.S. citizens, too.

There must be some way to protect genuinely sensitive national security matters while at the same time allowing for crimes to be tried and judged.  Ideally, there should also be some independent oversight committee in place to evaluate whether each invocation of states secret privilege is merited and proper, or if it is being abused for purely political reasons.

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by marco on Wed Oct 10th, 2007 at 08:53:58 AM EST
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