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Bonus: what my friend told in St. Quentin.

A survival trip

This guy travelled to Paris already by bike, sleeping under bridges along the way, and his trip was... eventful. It started with a border guard picking him for total search at the Slovakian border. No sleep in the first night in Slovakia, due to stray dogs eyeing his food. But he was welcomed by ethnic Hungarians there, and then a friendly Slovakian guy helped him in Bratislava.

But once in Germany, a real hell trip begun. Another night without sleep as village teenagers chose throwing stones at him from the bridge he slept under as fun occupation. Then he began to have a terrible diarrhea, something he never had even from bad food. Then on top of it, the rains came and he was shaking from the cold, and he was thrown out of a railway station he hoped to find night refuge in. Then on top of it, he had to begin the climb across the Black Forest.

It was on the fourth day of diarrhea that he read the wrapping of the bread he ate -- which turned out to be crude bread, to be baked at home...

After diverse other accidents, he was sitting freezing in a bus stop in a town a day's ride from Paris, when a hippie came by, and told him: "Why don't you come with me & stay at the farm of my uncle for the night? There is hot shower!" (My friend: "In those days, I didn't dream of girls or something, I dreamt of a hot shower!" -- Nomad's rule of Civilised Luxury No. 1 seems to hold.)

On the way there, a girl crossed their way, and had an excited discussion with the hippie. Afterwards, he said: "She is angry at me because I slept with her boyfriend." Ooops! But that hot shower still attracted my friend. But at the farm, the gay hippie did make advances, and upon meeting refusal came with threats of throwout.

But here came my friend's big luck: the uncle came by and said "no way, this is my house, and you can stay!" -- and the French farmer and his childless Dutch wife kept him there for days, then invited him for the wine harvest on his way back, for €1,000!

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.

by DoDo on Tue Sep 4th, 2007 at 04:59:02 PM EST


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