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About the TGV Est as it is not improving European connections much, I fully agree. Part of the blame goes to the German Railways (and state), with its lagging or unambitious connection projects, which also mean delays for direct services to Munich (not to mention beyond) and partly Frankfurt. (Wait for more in my last summer holiday diary.)

But there is France's centralism (despite the TGV Interconnexion), and the nasty but frequent policy to eliminate potential rail rivals to new high-speed trains. As a tourist, stopping in Strasbourg wasn't a problem for me, but the planning of my trip was made difficult with almost only TGV connections between Rennes and Le Mans, even considering potential changes (I had to buy a special TGV ticket) and only four non-TGV through connections between Le Mans and Paris. Despite DB's problems and some similar policies (most infamously the discontinuation of the InterRegio brand), I think the German IC (and RE) network alongside the ICEs is much more convenient.

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