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Yikes, Migeru, I hated being unemployed.

One of the books I read to get a job (but didn;t in the end) is: What colour is your parachute. It is by an American and it is quite an interesting approach to finding a job. I could give you my copy under the Falkirk wheel....

However that wasn't what made me employed again. I just walked into a job agency and I had a job three days later - never been paid that much before - in a area that I have never worked in. Contract: yes, not for ever, yes, but at least something - One of the reasons why I call myself an ecomoic migrant. Britain makes it easier (crap employment laws) to get onto the job ladder that way.

And a third. Friend of mine in Germany PHD in Physics, wored at Los Alamos, coming back to Germany is now working for a big consultancy company. They always look for brainiacs, that can communicate well. And you most certainly are and can.

So, light on the bushel and get out there!!

You have the support net here where you can bounce off when you feel to depressed about being out of work, but with some careful planing and thinking it oughtend be to long before you are making money again with what you do!

by PeWi on Thu Sep 6th, 2007 at 04:44:03 AM EST

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