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To me, the main shared ET inspiration is the desire for change in the world - change to be more fair, more honest, more sharing and caring, and more sustainable in every way for everyone on the planet. All from a secular viewpoint that is quite European, though certainly not exclusively European.

However, as Migeru's playful reference to the Myers-Briggs typology revealed - for what it is worth - there's a bunch of touchie-feelies and also another bunch of academic precisionists here - wrestlers and boxers, I call them. And a lot of others who fall in neither camp or oscillate (mediate?) between the two. This is inevitable in any large 'unselected' group ie with membership not imposed top down. It is also a mix that we shall all have to learn to live with, because our joint creativity - the yin-yang of it (as rg will help us with) - depends on the spontaneity and risk-taking, as much as the careful reasoning.

You mention about not bullying people into accepting your point of view. I agree. It is not enough to be right - you have to persuade others that you are right. The most lasting changes in people are the ones they 'discover' for themselves. Of course they don't really discover these needs for change, they are an accumulation of absorbed information, attitudes and opinions that increasingly mismatch with what the individual thinks makes them happy.

And all change is stressful, whether its a wedding or a funeral. And since ET is about change - it is stressful. We are seeing the results of that stress, because ET is changing us. I have certainly changed.

You can't be me, I'm taken

by Sven Triloqvist on Tue Jan 1st, 2008 at 12:03:34 PM EST

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