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Interesting one that.  He followed me over from <Timesonline where I have being getting as much free advertising for The European Tribune as I can.  

He has become quite a regular there annoying all the dirigiste French Socialists with his free market libertarian ideas.  Even the "Anglos" on the site usually  take issue with him but he is quite a good exemplar of the neo-conservative Republican line.  Usually he just spouts cliches to really annoy people - almost troll like - but sometimes he forces people to think through their assumptions a bit better.

I doubt he still lurks here (hallo Terry???!!)  because Timesonline has a larger and more popular audience and deals with more "populist" topics.  We had a couple of run-ins and he regards me as an unreconstructed communist but I generally felt I wasn't learning much from the exchanges and thus left him at it.

But his presence here is an interesting example of the argument I am just having with Helen here.  Terry is way off to the right of the ET spectrum, but he is an archetype of the people and ideology which we are battling in the US.  He has changed his tune and style quite considerably since he started on Timesonline and so "constructive engagement" can work.

The question is, is the ET strategy to preach to the converted or to teach and influence Mainstream opinion? - because whether we like it or not Terry represents c. 30-40% of active US political opinion.

Over to you - do you think we're better off without Terry?

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