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Ok - I'll stop advertising blogs here on Timesonline.

PS who said you - or any other front pager - was a bad lieutenant?

What I am trying to elucidate here is whether ANY political position on the spectrum is an ESSENTIAL part of the ET value system, or whether the way we go about our business is what BEST defines us - e.g. independence, critical analysis, respect for opposing points of view, collaborative learning, widespread participation etc. etc.

I sense an impatience with the fact that I am even asking the question.  Fair enough, lets move on.  But I wouldn't be here if I felt you couldn't challenge the conventional wisdom of whatever ilk if you felt it was wrong in a particular instance.

Migeru below gives me a hard time for even considering the possibility that Jacob Freeze might have had a point in one of his (more minor) complaints.  Just because Jacob was wrong on some fairly major points of etiquette doesn't mean he is wrong on all points.  Just because Jacob might have had a small point doesn't mean that I am calling you or Migeru a "Bad Lieutenants".

If it is so tiresome to raise the issue, then perhaps rdf is right and perhaps I am in the wrong place.

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