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I don't know who the front pagers are and as far as I'm concerned they are as entitled to their views as anyone else.  I think its great there is some sort of editorial board and can't see how the site could function without it.  I am amazed at the dedication and time so many people seem to spend on admin chores and they have my full support.  The impatience I sensed was in a number of other comments  one of which - by rdf - I referenced.  I was genuinely puzzled by whether Terry's arrival here via my link on Timesonline would be welcomed.  If what you say afew:
No, the purpose of this blog per se is not to influence mainstream opinion
represents the mainstream view, then I think the answer is no.  

That has an impact on the question posed by this blog: What Values does ET Represent?  It is saying we are more a think tank for "progressive thinkers" rather than a direct attempt to engage with (US) Mainstream opinion.  Fair enough - I only wanted to know what the implicit (or explicit) strategy behind ET is.

Feel free to comment, even if you are a hated frontpager!!!

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