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As a purely personal view, I'd ask you to compare ET's values in some ways to a "big tent" "centre-left" "political party" (and yes, all those scare quotes are necessary.)

The point being that I think we can deduce a centre of gravity for the community, but at the same time, just like a big party, it's actually a number of people who form differing disagreeing groups depending on the issue.

The zeitgeist is not easy to sum up, one can list issues where there is large amounts of agreement (e.g. government shouldn't be drowned in the bathtub, the Washington/neo-liberal consensus on economics is flawed, war is a very dangerous means of foreign policy, peak oil looks like a real incoming problem, the EU is basically a good thing, and many more.)
But, I don't know if that's what you're after, when you say "what values does ET represent?"

One is wary of saying "ET represents" much as one is wary of saying "dailyKos represents" because of the multiplicity of voices and the generic disagreements. Certainly I feel not at all confident to say to an interviewing journalist "this is what ET is about as a political movement."

Which perhaps brings me to some philosophical thoughts:

1) In a lot of ways ET is so far mostly just a community, rather than a movement. It doesn't represent very formally, rather it tends to just exist.

[Note: I don't say that to frustrate you or duck the issue, more to recognise the difficulties I outline above and the fact that ET has not developed a representational project very much so far.]

2) What is the essence of the community? Internationalism is some major part of it. And that's why there is often a sense of a great deal of exaggerated ritual around evidence and civility in discussions. We come here to be in touch with things beyond our backyards. Many of us have lived in a number of different places. Many of us are even interested in much further zones that just "Europe" but I think there is a strong sense that the "European ideal" of nations coming closer together, that people should have more freedoms to travel and interact with those abroad, etc. is all an important thing.

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