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Thanks for the considered response, Jake S.  I stopped responding to Terry when he just became abusive at every turn.  He never concedes a point even when he is shown to be factually wrong.  He just moves onto his next prejudice.  He also systematically misrepresents what you say at which point arguing with him becomes pointless.  

I was rather sad, however, that we never really got to debate how either a one state or a viable two state solution might be achieved - which was the whole point of my posting the diary.  Most Zionists seem to want neither, but a continuation of the present war and a gradual expansion of Israel and elimination of any viable Palestinian claim to statehood - probably by their absorption into Jordan and Egypt.  

Palestinians are simply a non-people as far as most Zionists are concerned - I would be tempted to say Untermenschen except that would be to evoke the emotive rhetoric I am trying to steer the conversation away from.

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