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Flip 42.7% of 80542 = 34391 votes for called for HRC with 34% of 80542 = 27384 for BO

80542 : total votes in Hillsborough

Adjust for the 7007 difference in the total vote tally - and they flip as well 112000 - 105000 ! And the undoctored handcount percentages - 39.3% for BO and 36.6% for HRC - reappear for the whole state!

Hillsborough has 3 handcounted precincts (Atrim, New Boston, Wilton) reported in the last yellow table, Appendix E of the Paired Precinct study.

Those 3 handcounted precincts have 30% for HRC and 42% for BO. It must be highly unlikely that Diebold precincts within the same county diametrically differ from handcounted precincts.  

Hillsboroug as an urban area would tilt even more towards BO looking at demographics. Rural areas would be less black, less young and more conservative. A female bias in urban areas cannot be that pronounced to override this. Indeed BO's advance is even more pronounced in urban areas.

I bet that the recount will show that the Hillsborough county total was flipped.

One single operation performed by a remote hacker on the biggest county. Couldn't resist the Freudian temptation to leave a clue by taking on Hillsborough for Hillary.. A simple and workable method that could be started at the beginning of the poll evening.
The tactic would survive a first hand recount check that the individual Diebold precincts were correctly reported to the total tally before the additions.

Not elaborate and subtle doctoring precinct by precinct which would have meant a bigger conspiracy, a considerably higher risk and an uncertain outcome. Creating votes out of thin air could probably be detected by uncorrelated turnout documented elsewhere. The flip can also be denied by to be the whim of a computer or a software.
Unfortunately, the Hillsborough flip also flipped the statewise total ! Now, I can't imagine that the flipper would have the nerve to swap the candidates at the TOP LEVEL presentation after the additions, but why not ?


by Elling (elling@torium.se) on Thu Jan 17th, 2008 at 03:56:19 PM EST
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