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Ok, now I have had a better look at it.

These are the differences between the Zogby poll data and the reported votes, sorted on hand counted and Diebold counted:

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Clintons votes in Diebold counted has a quite larger difference then anything else.

National Election Archive Project also checked pairs of  likesized precincts in the same county, and looked at differences in Diebold and hand counted votes for Obama and Clinton. Choosing pairs of two likesized precincts in the same county, you get pairs where the demograpic differences should not be that large. Within the pair that is.

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Blue is Diebolds effect on Clinton - mostly positive - and red is on Obama - mostly negative.

Last, but not least:

Two-Tailed Difference of Means Tests by Ron Baiman

This analysis is of a sample of randomly selected 36 comparably-sized machine and hand count precincts
from the "middle of the size distribution" obtained by lopping off the smallest and largest precincts
respectively until equal size samples (36 precincts each) with almost identical average size (762.2 votes
cast for machine, 764.9 votes cast for hand counted precincts) remained in the sample.

The results of a two-tailed difference of means tests (machine count versus hand count for same
candidate) for Obama, Clinton, and Edwards are striking.

In the standard test (assuming both machine and hand counts precincts are randomly selected from the
precinct population):

Odds for the results for Obama, are one out of 437
Odds for the results for Clinton are one out of 1,965
Odds for the results for Edwards are one out of 12

Both the Obama and Clinton differences between their machine and hand counts are highly significant at
well above 99% level. Edwards' result is significant at the 90% level.

This all leading to their conclusion:

We can therefore state that the pattern of hand and machine counts is consistent with switching votes cast for Obama to votes counted for Clinton by the machines.

Do read the whole thing, it is just 4 pages.

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