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Unfortunately, the criticism from Gerhard Schröder seems to imply that his erstwhile political opponents tolerate crimes committed by rightwing extremists

Say it aint' so!

too little is said, in my humble opinion, about fears of rank-and-file Germans

What do the fears of rank-and-file Germans have to do with attacking proposals of FALSE solutions? The safety of average Germans is NOT improved by by spectacularly dumping some people while leaving the problem of the system failing to reform some repeated youth offenders unsolved. (Where you should note that violent youth crime is decreasing in Germany.)

After Muhlis Ari, his real name, turned 14, he injured another boy in school so badly that the boy had to be hospitalized. That's when the story hit the media, and details started emerging about Mehmet. Finally, in 2005, a Munich court sentenced the young man to 18 months in jail after he had beaten his mother and father, extorted money from his parents and threatened to kill them. He fled to Turkey before the sentence took effect.

Now there you leave out the essential part of the story. Beckstein did succeed in deporting him. Muhlis was sent to relatives in Turkey, where his case was noticed enough that he got a job in a music television. He spent IIRC two years there, before the courts allowed him back.

What this proves to me is that deportation is NOT solving problems but exporting them.

Another thing not mentioned is that these "foreigners" were/are foreigners only because of Germany's restrictive bloodline citizenship laws. In many other countries, being born there is reason enough for citizenship. This non-citizen status is certainly part of the problem.

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by DoDo on Thu Jan 17th, 2008 at 08:38:12 AM EST
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