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It's more a pet peeve of mine, that fell upon your diary, rather than a direct commentary on your diary.

It's true that various motivations to switch one way or another add up to a final evolution of the vote, but motivations don't add up as easily as votes...

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Lets do a migeru style mental exercise.  Suppose a ward had 6 voters a, b, c

A is an Edwards supporter who votes Obama because he thinks Edwards doesn't have a chance

B is a Clinton supporter who votes Edwards because he wants the anti-clinton vote to remain as split as possible which requires keeping Edwards in the race

C is an Obama supporter who votes Obama

D is an Edwards supporter who votes Clinton because he doesn't like all how the media treated her "breakdown"

E is a racist who votes Edwards because he doesn't want a black to be elected

F is a GOP conservative who wants Clinton to get the nomination because he thinks she is the most beatable Dem contender


Obama 2 votes
Clinton 2 Votes
Edwards 2 votes

Q. What is the will of the electorate as a whole?

A. They can't make up their bloody minds!  No.  Edwards has more support than everybody else (2 supporters to one for Clinton and Obama).  He just didn't win the election.  Could be a metaphor...

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