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I'm not exactly sure what your point is, given that you seem to be discrediting the PTC and accelerated depreciation in your first paragraphs.

The entire PTC scheme was based upon building corporate finance for windpower, and while you're correct in thinking a Feed-In law would have been more effective, analysts argue about the degree.  But if you want to argue the US incentives, you must take into account all the various subsidies the PTC counters, including, but not limited to, accelerated depreciation via the oil depletion allowance.

Regarding your final point, 2007 installed capacity would never have equalled the entire world, nor would there be 50% annual growth (though it's a beautiful dream), because the component supply chain can't grow that fast without orders of magnitude investment.  There's only so much steel being forged or cast, and copper being wound.

And the benefits of windpower don't go to the "wealthiest of the wealthy - really rich people and corporations with passive income."  The benefits go to the entire planet, including humans.  While any company with income, not just passive, gets to shelter it BY THEIR INVESTMENT.  I mean, $10B in 2007 didn't just come from coupon clippers.

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by Crazy Horse on Sat Jan 19th, 2008 at 06:55:06 PM EST
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