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No, the diary on ontology is going to be on boring stuff such as
what is an object?
take the physics of quasiparticles and the whole idea of objects falls apart
what constitutes the identity of an object?
take the physics of fermion, boson, anyon statistics and compare with maxwell-boltzmann; take the Gibbs paradox

but if these topics are a prerequisite for discussing ontology, who can take part in the discussion?

it takes the fun out of philosophy

As for the requested discussion on the separation between subject and object:
Migeru: it's funny how QM philosophical problems always end up at the conscious observer
... but I think it's about philosophy, not about quantum consciousness
Colman: Yes.
Migeru: it's like the philosophhy of probability: it's also broken
Colman: It's an artificial split between system and observer. Or somethign along those lines.
Migeru: do you know about the holographic principle in quantum gravity?
Colman: I've heard of it. But I forget...
Migeru: it says roughly... you can put a boundary wherever you want
the area of the boundary is a bound on the information entropy of either half
it appears likely to be a key principle of the new theory
but quite what it has to do with consciousness...
though it does seem to have something to do with these boundaries between systems
Colman: Hm.
Migeru: subject and object, etc
Colman: Could do. The distincition is artifical.
Migeru: the problem is
since we don't understand consciousness
we can't do a toy model of a self-aware entity
Colman: No.
Migeru: so there's no way to put that in QM
and talking about QM as the basis of consciousness just confuses things even more!
Flame away!

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by Migeru (migeru at eurotrib dot com) on Wed Jan 2nd, 2008 at 08:21:53 PM EST
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