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Great comment.

Regarding Bohr, isn't that very similar to what Kand said about noumenon and phenomenon? Aren't there serious epistemological issues at the core of all this?


"It's random within probabilistic constraints" seems to be all that QM can tell you.

There may be a theory which defines the ontology in more detail. But QM doesn't seem to be it.

The only difference between an observer and a non-observer is that the observer is consciously aware of a measured value. But that doesn't define the value.

Which is why I want to make a diary referring to a number of out-there models and experiments from Quantum Mechanics and ask people to hash out the ontology. Because things like "what is an object" are not quite clear. And it is a lot easier to say "the universe is purely relational" than to build any useful model out of that insight, which is why a lot of physicist will talk in those terms around a pool table, but few papers get written.

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