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Fantastic, thought-provoking diary.

Even as we are reaching the limits of what the Western mind is willing to contemplate, the circumstances of peak oil, climate change, biosphere destruction, and consequent civilization collapse are going to require an utter rearrangement of that mind.

On the one hand, I share the feeling that as an intellectual matter, the Western mind/metaphysics may need to be revised/expanded/further developed in order to catch up with the discoveries of modern mathematics and science.  On the other hand, I am not yet clear as to how such a putative gap between our metaphysics/mindset and the results of science and mathematics (such as Gödel's Theorem or quantum physics) bear on our ability to address the immense practical challenges you list above.

Obviously, I don't mean to exclude the possibility that other metaphysics/philosophical outlooks can make valuable contributions in our overcoming these challenges -- in fact, I fully expect them to (e.g. the notion of harmony [和] from Chinese philosophy).  It's just that I am still unclear as to why the Western approach -- however you construe it -- is inadequate to the task.

(In somewhat similar fashion, while I am still working on understanding Pirsig's "metaphysics of Quality", I don't see that embracing Chris Cook's open corporate model of economic organization requires going outside a Western metaphysics or mindset.  The proof of Pirsig's pudding will be in the eating of it.)

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by marco on Wed Jan 2nd, 2008 at 06:19:27 AM EST

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